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Do Succulents Need Sun? Everything You Need To Know!

Taking suitable care of your plants is vital to ensure that they thrive and grow, without withering and dying in the process.

When it comes to succulents, they are known for being super easy to take care of, as they can survive harsh environments and are pretty resilient.

However, this mustn’t be confused with not needing any care at all! Succulents need around 6 hours of sun per day, in order to grow and thrive, as they love light. 

And that’s not the only thing they need, with plants comes great responsibility, and the care you give them must be well-researched.

Do Succulents Need Sun?

Succulent plants absolutely love light, and they should be getting around six hours of sun a day, give or take, depending on the exact type of succulent. However, the reason why many people believe succulents don’t like the sun, is because they can scorch under direct sunlight. 

So the best way to give your succulent the doses of sunlight it needs is by placing it under indirect sunlight, or in a partly shaded position so that it receives the sun while also being protected from it. 

You might notice, as well, that your succulent plant searches for the sunlight itself, by leaning towards the sun, becoming wonky or twisted in the process.

If you want to avoid this, while also keeping it out of that direct sunlight that it’s searching for, one of the best solutions is to rotate it regularly.

This means rotating the succulent so that it doesn’t lean constantly towards the same side. This way, it will grow straight. 

You can find all of this basic information, and a lot more. It’s a site completely dedicated to succulents, with plenty of articles and expert information!

How long can succulents go without water?

Succulents are known for being able to survive in really harsh environments, and that includes being able to survive with minimal watering, which is why they are famous for being super easy to take care of. Because even if you forget to water them, the likelihood is they will make it through and stay alive. 

But how long exactly can succulents go without water? 

Well, while we humans can only go without water for around 4 days or so, succulents can survive without water for months on end, sometimes even years! So it’s definitely safe to say that they’re a tough little plant. 

The reason why they can survive so long without water is that out in the wild they have adapted to really harsh environments where water is hard to come by.

So they have developed extensive root systems, and they are able to store water reserves inside their leaves and stems. Very similarly to cacti plants, which are also a type of succulent. 

However, succulents that you have at home aren’t quite as resistant, as they have instead adapted to a more comfortable life of regular watering and special care. So how long can they go without water?

Let’s break down the averages: 

  • In outdoor or in hot climates:

Your succulent will need watering every 1 to 3 weeks, as the soil will dry really quickly. 

  • Indoor or in cool climates:

Your succulent will need watering every 1 to 3 months, as the soil will take a lot longer to become dry. 

  • Coastal areas:

In coastal areas where humidity is high, you might not have to ever water your succulent, as the humidity in the air can be enough to keep it going! 

You also should take into account the size of the succulent. A smaller or younger succulent will need more watering, but a larger and older succulent will be able to store more water within its leaves, and will therefore not need watering as much or as often.

This can also vary depending on the type of succulent you have, so it’s good to look at that a little more in-depth, as the above estimates are just averages. 

Do succulents need fertilizer?

Fertilizer is added to many plants, so that the soil they grow in is more fertile and more nutritious, helping them thrive and grow a lot better. It also helps plants that might otherwise struggle to grow healthily.

Many people believe that succulents never need nor require fertilizer, therefore it shouldn’t be used on them. And sure, succulents can do perfectly fine without fertilizer, they’re hardy and tough little plants, after all. 

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t ever use any fertilizer on them at all. 

Truth is, just like any other plant, succulents can greatly benefit from fertilizer, and it will help them thrive and grow a lot healthier and better. So if you want your succulent to look as best as possible, then fertilizer is definitely a good thing to use. 

There are many different types of fertilizer you can use, and for succulents, you should avoid any strong ones, as these could end up harming the succulent.

Instead, use a mild fertilizer that essentially just acts as a little boost to the plant, and this will make all the difference to the appearance and growth rate.

The best type of fertilizer for a succulent is a balanced one (15-15-15), or alternatively a light feeding of manure tea, or diluted fish emulsion.

If you are making your own, use half the amount of fertilizer, and mix it in with a gallon of water. It is important to dilute the fertilizer so that it isn’t too strong for the succulent. 

You can get many more tips at The Garden Club of America, at as they share plenty of official information on the care of various different plants, including succulents. 

As for how often you should use the fertilizer, it depends on the type of fertilizer you are using, and on the instructions that it comes from! But remember that succulents don’t need fertilizer as often as other plants! 

Do you water succulents? 

Succulents are super tough, especially in harsh environments, and they are known for being able to survive with little to no water. So do you even need to water them?

The answer depends on many different things, such as the type of succulent, and the environment you are in. The climate can determine whether you need to water your succulents or not, and how often if you do. 

Usually, you will need to water your succulent now and then, but nowhere near as regular as other types of plants. To be on the safe side, make sure you only water your succulents when the soil is completely dry. 

In conclusion

In Conclusion, succulents do indeed need sun. Specifically, they need around 6 hours of sun a day. However, they should never be left under direct sunlight, as this can scorch the plants. Instead, position them in a well-lit area, so that they receive the sunlight indirectly. 

Succulents love light, and they need it in order to grow and thrive, so never leave them in a dark place.