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Best Grow Light For Fiddle Leaf Fig And How To Use Them

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Light Light Light – your fiddle leaf fig loves light! Like most indoor plants, your fiddle leaf fig thrives and flourishes with sun-filled rooms.

Fiddle leaf figs, or ficus lyrata, is a type of flowering plant in the fig and maple family. It’s one of today’s “it” plants, popular for its dark evergreen, broad leaves and insta-worthy aesthetics. You’ll see these stunning plants gracing the pages of magazines and dotted throughout opulent homes.

The plant is well-known for its graceful silhouette; however, one needs to keep in mind that these plants come from the tropical jungles of West Africa. When choosing your ideal grow light for fiddle leaf fig, care needs to be taken to avoid stressing your FLF out in their new homes.

Fiddle leaf figs require plenty of light to survive, to grow tall, and to stay healthy. So, since it’s an indoor plant, you’ll need to look the best artificial light for ficus tree to keep it looking beautiful.

Let’s now take a look at indoor plant lighting and the best LED grow lights for fiddle leaf figs.

Note: If you’re a first-time fiddle leaf fig parents, take a look at this ultimate guide for beginners.

Why Use an Indoor Plant Light For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig?

When it comes to indoor plants, it’s essential that they get enough light. Many houses do not automatically provide adequate amounts of light for plants and need grow lights to supplement this light.

A grow light is generally an electric light designed to stimulate your plant to grow. For a plant to look healthy and reach its optimal growth, it needs to photosynthesise.

Does a Fiddle Leaf Fig Need Sunlight as a Light Source?

The fiddle leaf fig prefers bright (or filtered) sunlight. Placing the plant in a sunny, east-facing window will allow it to thrive a lot more.

However, getting an adequate amount of natural light to your houseplants can be challenging, especially during the colder winter months. A lack of sunlight is one of the most common problems for our sweet fiddle leaf figs, often resulting in brown or yellowing leaves.

Grow lights provide indoor plants with full-spectrum lighting, much like what your plant would get from the sun. Energy-efficient, low-heat LED lights can be extremely useful in aiding your fiddle leaf figs to thrive and grow.

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What Are The Different Types Of Indoor Light?

Before we dive into the different grow lights and the best light for fiddle leaf fig, let’s look at the different types of grow lights.


The best indoor lights are LED (light-emitting diode) lights. These lights give little to no heat and are the most energy-efficient. These are also great for plants that require a lot of light throughout the day, such as the fiddle leaf figs that need up to eight hours of lighting.

These lights give off little heat, are easy on the environment and your electricity bill, and provide full-spectrum lighting.

Full-spectrum lighting means it covers the electromagnetic spectrum, including infrared and near-ultraviolet lighting. LED lights can be tailored to have a specific light spectrum that your plant requires to be healthy. Many LED grow lights come in a range of different colours, wattage power, and designs. 

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are the cheapest grow light option. They provide more heat than they do light (around 90% heat and 10% light) and are used for particular types of plants.

These incandescent lights are suitable for plants that thrive in warm and hot conditions and for growing low-light demanding house plants such as ferns, dracaenas, and vines.

Compact Fluorescent Lights

Compact fluorescent lights were designed to replace incandescent light bulbs and are ideal for small to medium indoor plants such as phalaenopsis orchids.

These compact fluorescent lights are much smaller than your standard fluorescent lights and come in a range of wattages. So, you can easily find a suitable lamp for your indoor house plant.

Ficus , Fiddle leaf fig tree, snake sansevieria plants in pots o

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are best used for plants that require little to medium light, especially if you want to simulate a greenhouse. Standard fluorescent lights come in long fluorescent tubes – the smaller your tube, the more efficient your light is.

These lights are best suited for germination and vegetative growth. They produce less heat and are more versatile than incandescent bulbs.


Halides lights, or Metal Halide (MH) lights, typically emit white light and reach 1000 wattages. They can cover a wide surface area, making them ideal for larger plants.

Though more expensive to purchase and operate than others, these MH lamps are extremely efficient and produce high energy discharge through blue lights to promote vegetative growth. However, for your average indoor house plant, you won’t necessarily need these halides lights.

How Do You Use These Indoor Grow Lights For Fiddle Leaf Figs?

It’s important to know that your fiddle leaf fig can still die if you use your indoor lights incorrectly or the amount of light your plant is exposed to is too much or too little.

Most grow lights are relatively small as they’re made for growing greens or seeds indoors.

Moreover, fiddle leaf figs can get rather big and may not fit under many smaller grow lights. The challenge is to find grow lights that are able to nourish our precious plants, and that can still be aesthetically pleasing. A solution could be to purchase light bulbs and put them into another, taller fixture. 

Let’s take a quick look at some ways to use grow lights properly. 

Providing the Right Amount of Light Each Day

Fiddle leaf figs need six to eight hours of light each day. You need to make sure light is reaching your plant from all sides for it to grow and stay healthy. If the light comes from only one side, you may notice the plant tilting in that direction.

You’ll tell clearly if your plant is not receiving enough sunlight by its leaves, stem, and colouring. For example, you’ll notice your plant’s leaves turning brown or yellowing, or its stem becomes a faded-green. If your plant is receiving too much sunlight, it’s leaves will begin to curl, fall off, or burned patches may begin to appear.

Placing Your Plant Under the Light

Fiddle leaf figs grow in the direction of the light source, so placing a grow light next to the plant will cause your plant to grow crooked. Make sure you pace your grow light directly above the plant. You can have more than one light in different directions, but make sure the one above your plant is the strongest, while the side lights are less bright.

Give Your Plant Rest

When you’re growing a fiddle leaf fig, one thing to remember is to not leave your grow lights on 24/7. Plants photosynthesise during the day and need at least 8 hours of darkness to continue respiration to break down energy further.

Your plant needs time to rest, and prolonged, intense light exposure can burn your plant and cause it to stress – or even die; so, you should give your plant a break. Using a timer is a good idea to make sure your plant receives an adequate amount of light.

Indoor Plant Lights for Fiddle Leaf Figs | 13 Best LED Grow Light Bulbs

LED lights are hands down the most popular indoor lights used for plants. As mentioned before, they provide various benefits, from energy-saving costs to giving off little heat and providing full-spectrum lighting.  

They can also be tailored to have a specific light spectrum to what the plant requires and comes in an array of designs, colours, and wattage.

Let’s take a look at my roundup of the best artificial lights for plants.

Juhef Full-Spectrum Tri-Head 60W

Juhef Full-Spectrum Tri-Head 60W.png

If you have a larger sized fiddle leaf fig, this Juhef 60w grow light will work best to cover the entire plant. The adjustable tripod stand can extend from 38 cm to 119 cm, giving you the desired length and angle for your plant. 

The full-spectrum LED light includes an automated timer with ten different brightening options. The lamp consists of an automatic on/off circular timer function and is easy to install. The stand comes with 22 LED – red, blue, and yellow – light bulbs, excellent for growing seedlings, gardening or potted plants, and is especially great for tall and large plants. 

GE BR30 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

If you’re on the hunt for an energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light bulb for your indoor fiddle leaf fig plant, the 9-watt, GE BR30 full-spectrum light bulb certainly ticks all the boxes. The light appears white and has a red and blue light spectrum. It’s perfect for growing leafy greens, seeds, and indoor plants like spider plants, ferns and flowering greens.

The indoor bulbs provide a natural light that is pleasing to your plant and to any aesthetic, making it one of the best decorative lights for plants. The low-heat bulb easily fits inside most indoor grow light stands.  

SANSI 36W LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

SANSI 36W LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants.png

This is one of my favourite grow lights for my fiddle leaf fig plant. Each SANSI LED designed with an evenly 60° beam angle and high-quality lens, produce a directional light that is aimed at the plants to avoid light loss.

Compared with other grow lights, each of SANSI led chips give out all wavelengths of light, which can be fully absorbed via the plant photosynthesis without any waste, unlike what the fluorescent does with its uneven lights. Works for different growing phases as the Blue-Ray (400-499nm) is good for taller and healthy leaf and the Red-Ray (600-699nm) for blooming and fruits.

SANSI led grow light bulb uses cold light source technology, does not contain infrared light, will not burn your plants. This 36W Daylight Full Spectrum LED indoor plant light not only perfectly imitates sunlight and give your plants the natural light they crave, but also emits the same light as ordinary light, the attractive light will not affect your life.

Vivosun 2020 Latest VS1000 LED Grow Light

Vivosun 2020 Latest VS1000 LED Grow Light.png

The Vivosun LED grow light is designed with the latest technology – Samsung LM301H Diodes. It’s one of the most energy-efficient lights on the market and only uses 10-watts of power.

The light hangs from the ceiling, making it ideal for larger indoor plants. Fiddle leaf figs can grow rather tall, so having an adjustable hanging light would be desirable. There’s also a dimming knob making it adaptable to your plants growing stages.

The light promotes low noise and heat, with ventilation holes, relieving you from the worry of your plants leaves being burnt or damaged. It’s perfect for indoor gardening and hydroponic enthusiasts.

EnjoYield 1000W LED Grow Light

The EnjoYield LED grow light has a timer that is easy to use and will supply users with the utmost convenience. The light provides an original design that is aesthetically pleasing, perfect for all plant lovers and their homes.

The full spectrum LED grow light hash IR and UV to help with strong growth, with a 50% brightness switch – ideal for germination, seedlings, flowering plants, etc. The light also boasts a powerful cooling system with two external aluminium heat sinks and three fans to ensure your lamp does not overheat.

Elaine LED Grow Light

Elaine LED Grow Light.png

The Elaine LED grow light is ideally created for convenient use. The 130 LED chips are designed to dissipate heat with lower power consumption using only 60 wattages.

The aluminium-based constructed light is easy to rotate and adjust at any angle around your fig plant with its flexible gooseneck and a clip. The full-spectrum LED light includes an automated timer with three different switch options and five dimming modes to suit your plant’s entire growth cycle.

Spider Farmer LEDGrow Light

This Spider Farmer LED grow light utilizes high-quality materials with the latest technology to deliver a powerful light output and a uniform canopy, resulting in higher yields. It only uses 100 watts – running on 50% less power than other LED or Blurple lamps – and emitting little heat.

 This light has full-spectrum – white, blue, and red – lights to ensure optimal conditions for all stages for your fiddle leaf figs growth and successfully imitating natural light. The light provides customized dimming options from a single light to a multi-light connection.

Feit Electric GLP24F2/19W/LED

The Feit Electric LED light is particularly popular for its versatile, stylish design. And with a lightweight body, the lamp is easy to move around and hang – whatever suits your plant and you. It also guards against leaf burn with its HPS bulbs.

If you’re trying to grow your fiddle leaf fig, this grow light delivers superior results. The 61 cm energy-efficient grow light only uses 19 wattages of power and emits blue and red spectrum lighting, promoting your leafy plant’s growth. It’s one of the best decorative grow lights for indoor plants and gardening.

100W LED Grow Light Bulb – Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plants

If your plant does not get a lot of sunlight because it’s indoors, this LED light bulb may be the best choice for you. This particular grow light provides 100 watts of brightness but only uses 20 watts of electricity, making it the most affordable LED bulb.

The full-spectrum growing bulbs provide easy installation and regulate temperature, preventing overheating.

Roleadro 75W LED Grow Light

The Roleadro grow light provides plants with full-spectrum light and is considered one of the best lights for hydroponics, greenhouses, and indoor plants.

These LED lights are lightweight and make an easy addition to your hanging brackets or placed next to your plant. And thanks to its aluminium housing design, the light provides excellent heat dissipation, making it stay cool and not damage your fiddle leaf fig. 

The different colours of the LED lights are evenly distributed, creating ideal conditions for your plant to photosynthesise and promoting growth.

iMounTEK LED Grow Light Desk Clip

The iMounTek LED grow light with a desk clip is perfect for lighting a large area with a 360° flexible gooseneck to adjust at different angles. It’s the perfect grow light for helping seedlings and blooming flowers grow and aiding stressed plants to recover.

The premium clip enables you to mount and attach your plant light on desktops, nightstands, tables, etc. It generates a brilliant red and blue spectrum to promote growth in plants.

Ezorkas 4 Head Timing Grow Light

One of Amazon’s top rated and best LED grow bulbs, the Ezorkas indoor grow light offers nine different dimming settings, auto on/off timing functions, and three cycle modes. The 40-watt light comes with a flexible gooseneck arm to adjust lighting around your plant without having to turn your plant’s pot. 

With a total of 48 lamp clips, you can attach your light to any surface. The red and blue spectrum lights ensure your plant takes in more energy to synthesise and help in germination. These plant grow lights can be used for food production, plant propagation, indoor hydroponics, and indoor gardening. So they’re certainly ideal for your fiddle leaf fig. 

Phlizon Newest 600W LED

Since your fiddle leaf fig can grow to be quite tall, the Phlizon Newest 600w LED grow light may be ideal. This light is available in 600, 900, 1200 wattages, with a more comprehensive light spectrum.

The energy-saving, full-spectrum light includes universal blue, blue, and IR, UV, and white LEDs to mimic sunlight and are easy to hang up with an adjustable rope. The lamp presents light to a 0,6 x 0,6-meter growing area at the height of 60 cm. The double switch function allows you to alternate during different growing stages, ideal for growing indoor plants and vegetables.

Leoter Grow Light

The Leoter grow light is made up of 80 LED red and blue spectrum lights to provide your plant with optimum conditions for growing without sunlight. The 4-headed light has a 360° flexible neck and a metal clamp to place your light on any surface.

The circular timer function takes care of your plants while you’re at work or off on vacation, leaving you hassle-free. The ten different dimming modes and three switch modes will meet your plant’s needs at any step in its growing stages. The lights also have a USB connector allowing you to plug in easily in your home or office.

Moreover, the LED light is backed by a temperature control unit perfect for your indoor plant’s happiness. This growing light is excellent for indoor gardening, horticulture, hydroponics, and other indoor plants.

A Footnote: Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

There are a few options of ideal indoor lights for your fiddle leaf fig. The best indoor lights are LEDs because they are the most energy-efficient lights, give off little to no heat, and provide full-spectrum lighting. And because our beloved fiddle leaf figs can grow up to six feet tall indoors, your lights should be able to hang or clip abov
e your plant.

Another useful function to look for is an automatic timer to provide your plant with the right amount of light. 

So, there you have it, a list of the best grow lights for indoor plants. Do you already utilize indoor grow lights? If you have any favourites that haven’t been included, please share. I’d love to learn about more lights that can grow our beloved plants to their full potential.

Note: The ‘Large Black Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light’ is currently unavailable.

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